Welcome to HB9Q EME Logger



This EME logger is a meeting place for HAMs interested in Moonbounce, Earth Moon Earth communication. It provides a plattform and tools to exchange online information about activity, operating, general EME know-how, technical information, skeds and any other EME related topic.



All users must follow this rules:

  1. Language for messages is English, please do not use other languages.
  2. Only topics related directly to Moonbounce (EME) may be posted.
  3. Decent and well manared messages only.
  4. Do NOT post information about ongoing QSOs! This is MOST important. It is ok to exchange information about a QSO after finishing it or after aborting the sked. If information about the QSO is exchanged during the ongoing QSO, this QSO is NOT valid!
  5. YOU accept, that YOUR personal information (your call, name, QTH-locator, e-mail address, equipment) is used for the logger only and it is visible to all other registered users.
  6. If someone is not following above rules, his account will be deleted and his call blocked.


Register a new Account

When registering your account, it is mandatory to fill-in all requested information including the "Equipment" at least for 1 band.  

The password must have at least 6 characters. It must contain at least 1 number, one uppercase and one lowercase letter.

Please make sure you fill in all requested information including your equipment. 

You may choose the bands of interest to be displayed. You also may choose "your" color. It will be used to highlight all messages you send. You may anytime change things in your profile.

With YOUR registration YOU accept all rules.



Each time you log-in you reconfirm YOUR acceptance of the rules (see above).


Good luck and lots of fun on EME!





New New New New New New New New

End October 2022: We have added a symbol (two pages) after the name. Clicking it with your left mouse button takes a copy of the e-mail address of that stations. You can then paste it wherever you want, in any of the e-mail programs or anywhere else.